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Hokkaido material

Many ingredients brought up in the fertile earth and the rich sea,
We provide seasonal Hokkaido ingredients letting you feel season.
Please enjoy "charm of meal" that Hokkaido is proud of to the full.

Japanese black beef image from Shiraoi
Japanese black beef sirloin from Shiraoi


Japanese black beef ribulose steak from Shiraoi

Ribulose steak

Japanese black beef from Shiraoi

Brand Japanese beef which produces mainly, and is fattened up in Shiraoi-cho, Hokkaido.
We maintain quality with more than of more than A3 rank or B3 rank, and good-quality sashi enters.
Please thoroughly enjoy one article of highest point that had texture that body, sweetness is soft.

Hokkaido Sangenton shoulder image
Sangenton chuck


Sangenton shoulder ribs


Hokkaido Sangenton

To pork which crossed Landrace, durokku, three kinds including Berkshire
Mochi pork "Sangenton" said to be the best that we give original feed and brought up slowly and carefully is finished.
Fat is doing fiber of meat plainly carefully, and full-bodied sweetness is reputation.

Hokkaido baron potato image
Baron imojaga butter

jaga butter

Baron potato french fries

French fries

Hokkaido baron potato

Potato likes moderate drying and low ground temperature for highland vegetable of the Andes.
Therefore it may be said that Hokkaido which there is heat and cold difference, and has frank summer is the most right lot.
It features taste that it was said that potato of Hokkaido which saved a good starch is not soggy.

Hoshinoyume image
Baron potato french fries

Salmon salmon roe meal of native of Hokkaido

Baron imojaga butter

Green onion meal

Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi

Wish that we wanted you to shine like the Big Dipper was put and was named
Rice which is made most now in Hokkaido.
Moderate stickiness and plump texture, obedient taste that we did plainly.
Balance of texture and taste is outstanding rice.

We can taste seasonal Hokkaido material now, too!

Fresh and young green asparagus of early summer
Is sweet ... in the summer; melon and corn, tomato
Apples which are sweet-sour in autumn
Ingredients letting you feel season in the four season come up!
Please thoroughly enjoy taste of material only by the time.

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We offer seafood which we were able to take in the sea near the shore.

Live scallop that muscular texture is unbearable
Fatty juicy Atka mackerel
This Inui shishamo which can taste genuine taste
Please thoroughly enjoy deluxe north seafood.

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